Price List Malu Banna Watersports Sri Lanka

Price List Malu Banna Watersports Sri Lanka

Watersports Activities

Jetski Rides

If you are a thrill seeker and you love water, then jet skiing is for you. Also known as a personal water craft (PWC), a jet ski can be described as an aquatic motorbike which glides safely over the water at high speed. Jet Skiing is the perfect water sport for adventurous speed junkies.
Not all of us are built for speed however and so Jet Skiing can also be enjoyed at a slower pace. Malubanna provides you with the best Jet Skis available in Sri Lanka, all of which are maintained to the highest standard.

Sofa Ride

This is one of the most thrilling water sport experiences and an Adrenalin pumping ride. Enjoy being towed behind a speedboat on a tube which races across the water and jumps the wake. It is not for the faint hearted, but our boat drivers can ‘whip it up’ or ‘calm it’ down according to suit the customer. The Bentota lagoon is the ideal place for this sport and if you are considering this for the first time we will guide you through the basics of the sport before your ride and full safety instructions will be given. If children wish to take part in this activity it can be modified accordingly.

Banana Fun Ride

A ride on the Banana Boat is an excellent choice, thrilling and great fun. The Banana Boat is a long air-filled banana shaped inflatable which you sit on whilst it is pulled around at high speed by a motorboat. It is a safe, yet an exciting and great fun. Malubanna is always aware of their client’s wishes and will tailor the ride to meet with your requirements and make sure you feel comfortable. Stay on or tumble off – it’s your choice – just let our driver know.

Speedboat Trip

Pure exhilarating speed on the water. The excitement of see the Bentota River at high speed by boat is awesome. The thrill in a safe environment with one of our trained captains is breathtaking.  So much to see as you feel the wind in your face as you hold on tight when you feel the Adrenalin pumping.

River Safari

Our boat tour is a glamourous and exciting way to feel the wind in your hair. Suitable for families or small groups the trip will take you inland along the river Bentota. You will past local houses, mangroves, water lily fields and lush tropical vegetation. Remember to bring your camera!

Lagoon fishing

Enjoy some peaceful fishing in the Bentota Lagoon with our experienced fisherman captains. They show you the best places to fish and which bait is recommended for the location and season. Bring your catch of the day home to our restaurant and Chef will cook it to your liking for you to enjoy in our restaurant overlooking the river and our watersports centre.

River Fishing

Enjoy some peaceful fishing on the Bentota River with our experienced fisherman captains. They show you the best places to fish and which bait is recommended for the location and season. Bring your catch of the day home to our restaurant and Chef will cook it to your liking for you to enjoy in our restaurant overlooking the river and our watersports centre.

Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing involves a early start, but is a great way to kick-start your day. The Indian Ocean is brimming with fish varieties like Tuna, Jackfish, Red & White Snappers, Barracuda, Small Sharks, Groupers and the stunning Wahoo.

Our 30 foot boat will pick you up from the dock at 6am and take you out for 4 hours or longer on request. Aiming for your comfort and safety while at sea, the boat has GPS, lavatory facilities, a cabin and of course life jackets. Equipment, bait and refreshments will be provided. If lucky with your catch, we will be more than happy to prepare it for you in our restaurant for lunch or you can take it back to your accommodation.

  • Availability : November – April
  • Can accommodate 6 people
  • Time at Sea : 4 – 5 Hrs ( Pick up 06:00am or 02:00pm **Morning Recommended)


Snorkeling is one of the joys of this tropical Island that is Sri lanka. Snorkeling is simple but thrilling and allows you to see what lies beneath the amazing Sri Lankan waters – this is the exploration for you. Explore the magical world of corals, plants and tropical fish under the careful guidance of our instructors. All equipment is provided and our team will give full instructions on its use before you start your underwater adventure. Depending on the party size, friends and family are welcome to come on along and watch the fun.

Wind Surfing

Wind Surfing is one of the most exhilarating water sports combining action, strength and balance. You will take home a multitude of thrilling memories from Sri Lanka but nothing can surpass surfing over the waves and on occasion soaring into the air and experiencing feeling of complete freedom. Wind Surfing like many sports can take time to master, but with expert tuition and patience your efforts will be rewarded. It is a thrilling sport and lots of fun.


Wakeboarding is a surface water sport which involves riding a wakeboard over the surface of a body of water. The wakeboard is a small, mostly rectangular, thin board with very little displacement and shoe-like bindings mounted to it. With guidance from our instructors you will be up and away in no time and enjoying this awesome sport.


Feel the wind on your face and the water flowing under your feet as you experience the thrill of learning to water-ski. 

One of our experienced instructors will start your lesson on dry land working through the basic techniques and completing a safety briefing. When you feel confident you can take to the water. Our water skiing boat has a teaching bar so that even the most timid learner feels safe. It is especially useful for children. So off you go, let the fun and excitement begin!

If you are already a proficient skier you can improve your skills by taking a lesson with our highly qualified teachers, some of whom have competed at the Asian Games and many who have also taken part in National Championships.


For a more peaceful water activity why not try canoeing. When we provide you with a canoe and a set of paddles – you are ready to glide your way through the water. Little or no previous experience is required, since there are only a few basics you need to know and these will be explained by the Malu Banna instructors. Canoeing allows you to explore the river and mangrove in a relaxed way, quietly moving along at your own pace, looking at wildlife, watching local life and enjoying the beautiful tropical vegetation.


Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP)

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is an offshoot of surfing that originated in Hawaii. Unlike traditional surfing where the rider sits until a wave comes, stand up paddle boarders stand on their boards and use a paddle to propel themselves through the water. The sport is identified as the outdoor sporting activity with the most first-time participants.

The benefits include flat water paddling for great outdoor recreation and fitness training with sightseeing and yoga opportunities and even fishing if you wish. Paddle boarding can also be done kneeling on a board and paddling with the hands, similar to a butterfly swimming stroke. Whichever method you prefer you will have a great time in a great location

Bicycle Rides

Exploring Bentota on two wheels is great fun. There are plenty of quiet, flat and shady lanes to explore. Your guide will lead you through pretty villages to the Virahaya Temple and then on to Lunuganga house and gardens. Helmets and water bottles are provided. Should you prefer a gentler pace of life the same tour can be arranged on three wheels with the use of traditional Sri Lankan Tuk Tuk. We do not have any children`s bikes so we would advise the Tuk Tuk option for families with children under 14 years. We can also arrange extensions to the bicycle tour, for full details please contact us.

Independent bike hire is also available should you wish to explore on your own.

Jetski Safari Group Trip

Join this half day adventure touring the Bentota River as part of a group of Jetskis. Our Tour leader will guide you to see the best that is on offer according to the season and weather conditions. There are comfort breaks and refreshments included in the tour.

Sunset River Cruise with Champagne

Tour the Bentota River with your loved one whilst sipping chilled champagne and enjoying some specially prepared canapes. Great for building the magic between special couples on special occasions.

Romantic Sunset at Light House Island

Take a cruise to the Bentota Light House Island where you can explore and take awesome photos for your best holiday memories. Watch the sunset from this special location and enjoy with your best friends and loved ones.

Candlelit dinner on the Riverside Pontoon

After an action packed day with Malu Banna Watersports how better than to enjoy a candlelit dinner on the floating pontoon in the quiet of the evening. Specialities from the seafood menu or choose from the a la carte menu. This is a truly memorable location.

Mangrove Discovery Cruise

For those of you in need of a good stress-free ride, a boat trip would be the ideal deal. Find the wonders of Bentota, its scenic seascape and wildlife, wading through the waters of this beautiful region. In contrast to the speed boat tour which is done for the thrill of riding this ride is all about exploration and blending with the environment. You will be able to identify a variety of fish species as well as other coastal wildlife. If you are that person who loves a serene atmosphere, this is for you.